SUP hall Wilmington

Why is this hall so frequently closed? Been trying to go down there and doors are shut. What’s going on?

Should I even bother?

Drive by there and slide an envelope of cash under the door and wait and see if they open up. If not it will be the same results as if you went in and handed them money and joined.

I am sick of your scab nonsense, go back to your bayou hole

wilmington ca?

you try calling them? try calling their hall up in the bay and see if they know whats up?

Yup I will Call HQ. anybody know their hours? I’ve been there way late in the afternoon, but now it’s closed early afternoon.

I was a union member for 5 years and I’m not a scab I haven’t crossed any picket lines. There is no you in unions…


There is even more of “no you” in non-union companies. Working for a non-union company in the US is the dumbest idea ever. It tops any other dumb shit I have EVER heard of. I’ve done it, too, and I’ve paid greatly. But hey, it’s your dumbass choice, I’ll stick to mine. If you like to engage in sadomasochism, hey, more power to you and keep your gom opinions to yourself. I don’t ask or want you to organize, so likewise, please leave me the fuck alone.

I’ve been going to that hall for years. I was going almost daily until July when I got my current job (next door at MMP).

It’s almost always open. Show up first thing in the morning. If there is a ship in port the agent may visit it first and be slightly delayed but will be there by 10 am (job call). The agent will also be gone during lunch time and sometimes may visit the ship then so may be gone awhile but will return to the hall.

I wouldn’t call HQ telling them the agent is rarely there. That could blow up on you.

Ok thank you for the details

What a mis-informed and stupid non-sensical comment.

If there was plenty of work wouldn’t thenplace be jumping all day? Every hall I went to and registered in during my time had dozens of people there all day. There is nothing nonsensical about the fact it is a glorified hiring agency that gets a cut of your money. They are all parasitic crimps.

What did I say, fraq? Leave your opinions to yourself. I won’t see you in my halls, so I don’t care about your idiotic opinions and likewise, you won’t ever see me in the gulf on your shitty ass scab boats, so I can’t see why it’s such an issue to you

You don’t seem too understand what “scab” means. Hint, it doesn’t mean any person or company that isn’t union.


Scab noun: a worker who accepts employment or replaces a union worker during a strike.

can’t be a scab if the boat never was union. :wink: :kissing_heart:

And before you go for one of the other definitions, I’m pretty sure we’re not working for “less than union wages”


That’s how we use the term in California and make fun of people who work on non union boats for shitty wages because they still live with their mommy and daddy who pay for everything, so they can fight back unions as a hobby

born and raised in so cal, grew up in a union household. This is not my definition of a ‘scab.’ @jbtam99’s definition is what is commonly known as a ‘scab.’

I also don’t make fun of people who ‘work on non-union boats for shitty wages’ as a pastime. I’ve been around long enough to know that we all eat shit but once in a while get to choose our flavor. I’m not too privy with deep sea union contracts, but I am informed on union tug contract wages around here. It’s very hit and miss. Some places have good contracts and some have bad ones. I know some union tug captains that have worse benefits and pay than I do, and I’m currently non-union and not running a tugboat.

The right union with the right contract certainly has its perks. If it’s your preference to sail union and bad mouth non-union that’s fine. Just don’t get all butt hurt when someone decides to disagree with you. Both sides of the coin have pros and cons.

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Hey, I’ve sailed both sides of the coin… I’ll bad mouth both equally for different reasons, but at the end of the day they’re still just that… two sides of the same coin.

Just don’t rip the gag off that I’m using to not respond to the AMOVotes2018 guy… I’m dying to comment about the McKay brothers and RICO and stuff, but I’m trying to be a good boy.


I’m going to borrow this if you don’t mind. Genius

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That’s how we use the term but thanks for your input.
I haven’t seen anything positive about non union jobs around here, unless you’re working for a private owner.
Tugs are hit/miss, they’ve always been, IBU is also not the strongest of them out there, but at least it’s something.
Nepotism is the real union when it comes to boats down here.
It is a past time, indeed, to make fun of kids making $12 an hour and voting no and that will never change.