SUP hall Wilmington


Exactly. A select few of jaded disgruntled folks who are talking out of their asses.

So cal isn’t exactly a thriving maritime environment, especially pertaining to workboats which makes opportunities more limited than usual. Big part of the reason why wages are stagnant and have been behind the curve for a while.

Nepotism runs rampant everywhere not just here. Please refer to my analogy regarding eating shit but getting to choose the toppings.
As far as ‘making 12 bucks an hour’ goes, some people are happy making that. Who cares? How about this. What’s better? Making 12 bucks an hour but steadily getting OT and at least 40 hrs a week, or paying dues and starving getting scraps, possibly waiting months before you can get medical benefits? Making 40 bucks an hour is great, but becomes nullified when you don’t work for week one and on week two you only get 20 hours because some greedy fuck with more senority decided to work on his time off.
I am completely neutral when it comes to union or non, I just get a little fired up when a pro-union person acts like its the be- all end- all for personel development and well being because that’s a crock of shit.


Give it up, he’s not going to let it go and he seems to enjoy rolling in the mud.


For the OP, you do realize that the first comment not your own that set you off, has happened, probably is happening right now in some way shape or form, and will likely continue to happen.

Never worked for a union but did plenty of classes at union ran schools and was quite happy with the quality of teaching even if I did not always think the “required” course in and of itself was worth anything more than the nice paper it was printed on.

So I guess I’m union neutral, but have seen bloodsuckers at both sides of the spectrum in our industry.


No, I didn’t say it’s the “be all, end all” whatsoever, I wish this was a perfect world and we didn’t need unions, at least not the way they’re run here.
What I am saying is, going without a union is insanity and it was a mistake I made once and will never, ever repeat again.
Never trust a shipowner. I will definitely trust a greedy union rat bastard a hundred times more than a greedy jeaux bawss, even if said bawss only owns one squid boat.

By the way, there is no such thing as making $12/h and tons of overtime, unless, like I said, you’re working for a private owner.
Health insurance? Are you kidding? School? That will never be paid for. Bawss wants to keep you uneducated and dumb so god forbid you ever want to “run away” onto greener pastures.
You can be made beg in a union hall, but at least your name is up there. If bawss gets rid of you just because he didn’t like what you said about his favorite brand of sausage, you’re on the street.


No. I enjoy providing for myself and my family and having a somewhat secure livelihood


This is fairly entertaining…

What companies do not offer health insurance, school, and apparently internet as to be unable to look and see what other places offer? (I guess that is a dumb question since those in the specified companies wouldn’t know this forum exists, I presume…) I also didn’t know that the non union jobs were paying bottom dollar?