SUNY planning on sticking to the out of staters

SUNY just announced that NY may approve a plan to charge higher tuition rates for the “regional” states that currently get in-state rates. Tuition will jump over 50%, from about $5k to $7.6. That’s a big jump in one year. I guess since the majority of the students are from Long Island, not many will care…:frowning:

As a former tuition-payer from Maryland, I suspect this will impact the regional students, of which there used to be about 20-25% of the students. When one considers the overall lack of real full-time jobs in the industry (no matter what career services tells you), it is no longer as good a deal especially if you can get an engineering degree from your own state university. For deckies and logistics people, look to the job market. On the other hand, it is still a good deal when compared to many private colleges. Also consider that the room and board costs are MORE than tuition, and don’t forget the sea term tuition, which they keep hidden. Many factors to consider.