Denied at SUNY but got Accepted at Maine so now

The SUNY denial came much earlier as a result and thinking “well we didn’t get the bacon this time, what can we do?”. I had a contingency plan that I had worked out and was going to execute when ding ding I get accepted to MMA. Now I’m not quite sure what I will do carry out the contingency (go to Westchester Community for a semester or two and reapply or get my A.S. and reapply) or just go to Maine.

The biggest concern I have with Maine is work. On the GI Bill NY gets some extra pocket change to help make ends meet, Maine, on the other hand, is fairly slim. Though I would likely try and work something part-time in either location doing so in Maine seems tougher given the remoteness. There is also the degree aspect and while I could be wrong mechanical engineer comes off as more employer-friendly whenever I decide to stop sailing. “Yes we are looking for an engineer for our machine shop but this says your degree is in marine engineering… sorry but we don’t work with ships here”.

Love to get some feedback, I’m just bouncing thoughts around.

Summary: Got accepted to MMA but not SUNY, debating going to community college in NYC and reapplying to SUNY as opposed to going to MMA. Also, I’m a vet on GI Bill so the cost/in-state vs out, doesn’t matter.

Some people think Maine produces the best hands on marine engineers.

Maine also has a 5 year “Power Engineering” program that is very well regarded by: Marine employers, shipyards, the pulp and paper industry, heavy civil construction contractors, power plants, and the oil drilling business, among others.


Dance with the one who asked you.

(Go to Maine)


No brainer. Don’t waste year(s) waiting around at community college. Who says SUNY accepts you next year? That’s another future earnings year lost. SUNY shunned you, Maine accepted you. That really should be all the sign you need.


Well SUNY has a articulation agreement with Westchester Community in addition Westchester is a SUNY community college. According to them anyone obtaining a AA or AS and transferring to a four year SUNY campus is guaranteed admission (part of the SUNY guarantee program).

That said I’am leaning heavily toward Maine at this point.

Doesn’t matter the academy. They all get you the license and nobody cares where you went. Go to Maine, get the license and be done


Marine Engineering is nothing but a specialized form of Mechanical Engineering.

For what it is worth an ABET accredited Mechanical or Electrical engineer can get a 3rds license with 180 days sea time.

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Great lakes maritime is only a fraction of the cost and is non regimented. I here a lot of veterans go there cost is way lower students tend to be older. The two engineers I work with from there are better than the Mass / Main guys we have, not sure its the school or their upbringing. I have a veteran friend that graduated SUNY it cost him a fortune and he had a hard time dealing with some sadistic 21 year olds that really wanted to be a Marine buy mommy wouldn’t let them. He said he would do basic training again twice than deal with that BS.

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Interesting as a vet I figured most of the “yut-yut” stuff would be ignored for vets. How did it cost him? Tuition wise the GI Bill covers it in full and BAH/MHA in NYC is healthy, was it the cruise fee’s, uniforms etc?

As someone who came out of great lakes for training it didn’t even remotely cross my mind to go back. The only other options I considered were Mass and Texas. Mass app is in but they needed some additional paper work that I have been waiting on from my current school (after bugging them weekly they should be done). Texas I missed their “deadline” and couldn’t apply before it because of how schools count “precalc”.

The SUNY gut is not onboard so I can’t ask. I remember him fussing about it and when comparing with other guys it was expensive. I did talk to one of the Great Lakes guys a few minutes ago. He recently graduated and was our engine cadet a few years ago and is full time now. He said it’s the easiest academy to get accepted to. It cost 10,000 per semester. No regiment don’t live on campus. He said there were lots of vets there. GI bill covered it and there was money left not many had to work. A big plus if you go deck it includes Great Lakes pilotage.
Good Luck where ever you end up.

I would personally go for MMA. I am also a veteran and will be starting in the Fall, don’t have a lot to share about the school yet but I do know they are really pushing to get more veterans on campus. I live in Maine as well so feel free to message me with any questions about the area, or the school (what little I know). Good luck.

Go to Maine. You post-911 GI Bill? You should be fine, money wise. You take a risk of not being accepted anywhere next year if you wait to re-apply- as the academies are competitive.

Sounds good, I’m still weighing things out waiting to hear back from Mass Maritime. How is the commute from Bangor to Castine (especially during the winter)?

Its about 45 minutes, going to be on more rural roads for most of it. I’d say if you get stuck driving in a storm during the winter it could take close to 2 hours. If you’re thinking about housing there are some cheap 1 bedrooms anywhere from Bucksport to Blue Hill.

Thanks, I’ll give those area’s a look.