SUNY Maritime MS a Good Idea?

Hello everyone! I’m currently in college attempting to get a Bachelor’s Degree. I am interested in a career as a mariner, so it seems like SUNY Maritime’s MS Degree with the 3rd Mate’s option is a good way to enter the field. However, one concern I have is debt. Assuming that I paid for the degree entirely with loans, how much debt would I be in if I attended school at SUNY? Would the career options result in me being able to pay off the debt with no issue or will I always be in debt from college? Are there any other options? I’ve also considered the hawsepipe route. I understand that at the end of the day it is my choice, but I’d love to hear other people’s experiences. Thanks!

You can start with this, the first result of a google search “SUNY Maritime tuition”:

You should know your finances and what you’re comfortable borrowing. Not being financial advisers or privy to your info, no one here can reasonably be expected to answer “what you can afford”. That being said, it is a state school so the tuition isn’t astronomical, and it does offer in-state tuition to residents of certain states. Keep in mind additional costs associated with uniforms and accessories and Summer Sea Term that aren’t typical at other colleges.

Otherwise the average starting salary for graduates is currently just shy of $60k with good placement (I don’t buy the 100% thing, but it’s a good percentage of graduates within a reasonable time period). If you sail with a decent company, you will no doubt make more than that, in a few instances approaching double. Again, how soon you can pay off your loans has a ton of variables, but you at least will have a good chance at a well paying job to assist.

As for current options, the graduate-license program is a good option. If you’re not too far along at your current school you could also transfer in as an undergrad. Just be aware of what classes may or may not be credited well beforehand so you don’t get screwed. Either option could allow you to pretty much skip MUG year (you will go through indoc however), which I don’t quite agree with because it robs you of that experience and you’re out of sync with your classmates on SST, but some view it as a positive.

I’m a little concerned at your remark of “attempting to get a bachelors degree” elsewhere. Doesn’t really instill a sense of ambition, but that could just be the internet talking. Regardless, Maritime is not your typical college affair, and is among the more regimented of the bunch. Academically, it’s akin to a dual program, with separate degree and licenses courses, and perquisites for getting on SST, with about 40 more credit-hours than a typical bachelor’s degree. Too much has changed since I’ve been there to comment specifically, but I saw a lot of kids in my MUG class waste their time and money only to leave or get booted that year or the next because it wasn’t for them. Just know what you’re getting in to.

To get the money you need for tuition, file a suit in Federal Court demanding that if MarAd can spend $400k per 3rd mate at KP they can pay your way at SUNY. Claim financial discrimination! In fact every student at any maritime school in the US should do the same and turn it into a class action against the loonacy that keeps pumping God knows how much money into benefiting a microscopic FEW at the expense of so MANY!

That’s actually a fantastic idea… I wish I had done that years ago!

[QUOTE=PaddyWest2012;139258]That’s actually a fantastic idea… I wish I had done that years ago![/QUOTE]

that’s what I thought when I had that lightbulb suddenly turn on in my little brain.

A veritable Wile E. Coyote level genius moment for me!

DAMNED! I wish I was a lawyer right now so I could get going on this potential gamechanger. This is c.captain calling Steve Gordon…come in Steve Gordon…do you copy Steve?