SUNY Maritime adult/ Day student admission?


No, it isn’t. It’s MARAD’s requirement, see 46 CFR Part 310.


All you federales want to say it wasn’t my departments decision. I guess I should’ve said it was a congressional requirement. :wink:


This was definitely not true when I was there (graduated in '08). There were also at least 5 that I can think of day students that were over 40, and these were undergrads in the license track program.

The grad-license program is a whole different thing.


Good Luck!


I don’t think it’s Congress. There are statutes about state academies (46 U.S.C. 51000 et seq.). They include the use of training ships and the Navy Reserve subsidy payments, but I don’t think they include having a regiment. While this definitely looks like "“not me” finger pointing, it’s important when it comes to the ability to change a requirement.

And if we’re saying “not me” about academy requirements, there is no Coast Guard requirement that academy cadets have to pass the 3rd Mate or 3rd AE license in order to graduate for the academic degree.


Call their admission’s department, they will answer all your questions. They are excellent. You will need to be part of the regiment in order to earn your USCG license. They have a two-year and a four-year program depending on your interest level and tonnage.


I started at SUNY when I was 41. It’s never too late. I thought I would be the oldest cadet, not even close. I was the youngest of the “old guys”

However without a bachelors degree or military service you would have to be a regular cadet, meaning that you have to live there if you want a USCG License.


When I attended there was a 60+ year old day student named “RALPH RAO”… anybody else remember him?


Hello guys. I got accepted to SUNY Maritme into Naval Architecture Engine Licencse program fro the Spring 2018 semester. Anyone who is going also?


Hope Birdman21 comes back to tell us the answer. If not interested in the USCG license, the non-regiment programs might be appropriate. Can’t beat the instate tuition and location. But classes are daytime, so no regular work on the side, if you even had the time. Good luck!


I was grad license, all of us in the program were day students.

One opted to do a whole MUG year before that transition, just to come up “the hard way.” But that was his personal choice.