Summer Sea Term Positions For Engineers

The SUNY Maritime engineering department needs Instructors/JR watch officers for Summer Sea Term.

1 - 4 hour watch per day and 1 lecture per day (morning or afternoon) plus deckplate exams (Q’s).

One needed for first half leaves Next Monday 5/9 - 45 days return on charter from Ireland 6/24.

Two needed for second half take charter to Ireland (Cork) 6/23 return to FS 8/6.

TWIX card required. Must have held an engineering license need no to be current.

Salary for 45 days about 7k.

LJ Mellusi '72 / Charlie Munsch '73

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[QUOTE=domer;49225]TWIX card required. [/QUOTE]

TWIX cards. I love my alma mater.