Sue, sue sue, baby sue

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PS> It doesn’t say whether he is also suing his parents, or whoever allowed a baby to be used in such shameful way.

It sounds to me like this guy is just a greedy bastard that has never managed to make any money with his own talents, except from his baby picture.

However, it reminds me of a family that had a new baby. They went to the bank and asked for a personal loan to cover child birth expenses. The bank thought this was a great idea. The bank used a photo of the smiling baby ( I don’t remember if the baby was wearing clothing)!in an ad for “maternity loans.” The bank offered a $500 savings account for the baby. The family insisted on a $500 Roth IRA for the baby.

The ad was well received in the community. The mother seized the opportunity to launch a modeling career for the baby. The baby appeared in a few more ads and the income went into the IRA. The baby and growing child modeled in ads and worked for family business for years with the income going into the IRA. By the time the baby graduated from high school she had about $100,000 in her well invested IRA.