Subsistence and Quarters allowance

Can any MSC mariner out there tell me where the guidance for subsistence and quarters comes from? How far outside the home ports do you need to live? An instruction number or union memorandum of agreement…? Do port captains and port engineers who live outside the San Diego or Norfolk areas receive this allowance and does MSC provide them with temporarary lodging? Do DCO’s and other mariners temporarilly assigned to the office get this allowance?

Thanks for any information.

It’s CMPI 593 that does it. Pretty sure that anyone that lives greater than “commuting distance” (50 miles) from “work” should get it. It’s paid to crew on new construction, conversion, and ship’s in shipyards around the world…so I would guess that the Port Captain and Port Chief’s that live outside 50 miles from their “work” get S&Q. I would guess that they get lodging if they live outside the area, just like guys assigned to work on a ship in new construction, conversion, repair. I’m sure that they, or any other mariners assigned to the office (either Norfolk or DC), could just as easily be on travel orders anyway (that used to be done, anyway…think the N00H guys are on orders now).

It’s been my understanding that it’s about “not being on leave” and “have to go to work” when you don’t live “in the commuting area of the work” that add up to lodging/meals no matter who you are and what the “work” is. This is why the “address verification” is such a big deal.

DCOs…think they are a unique situation. They aren’t in any sort of “rotational” job (like onboard a ship, “temp” assignment to the office) as they can do 20+ years assigned to one spot. There’s probably an exclusion in the CMPI 593 for them (I don’t have a copy with me). Besides, I don’t know of any that don’t live around where they work. Heck, I don’t know of anyone that applied for those jobs that didn’t already live in the area where they’d be working (San Diego, Norfolk, Earle).

S+Q is contractually mandated. It is based on the amounts stipulated (for unlicensed, anyway) in the SIU Standard Freight and Tank Ship agreements and outlined in Section 593 of the CMPI. Eligibility is based on the IRS 50 mile rule. If your home of record is more than 50 miles from your place of work, you are eligible for subsistence (food money) and quarters (lodging).

Basically correct, but just try and get subsistence when you are at or near the cap. Then it is " banked" for you and paid when you retire. Oh, one exception… If you are serving as a port officer ( port eng or port capt, special assistant or some other bs title) you get it even if at the pay cap. The director deemed it to be " the right thing to do " some years back. But not enough of the right thing to do if you are out sailing for a living and stuck in a shipyard, ROH, MTA or other situation the ship cannot feed and the rest of the crew are paid. Something of a double standard, depending on where your located who you spend time with and rub shoulders with, or who’s butt you kiss.