Study material for upgrade to 1AE?

After my next hitch I will have the time to take my CE/1AE unlimited exam and would like to take some study material with me on this upcoming contract. Any suggestions?

When I upgraded to 2nd I had good success with the CDs. It wasn’t the Q&A, but the reference material that I thought was useful. It was all Navy Training Manuals. I have seen some of them on the internet for download. Thats where I’m planning on starting on my next upgrade.

There is a book, “Care and Preventative Maintenance of Electric Machines” or something like it. I don’t know how much it will be good for 1/Ch. but I swear that the author also wrote the electrical sections of 2nd and Chief Ltd license exams. Half the drawings were right out of the book and there was a fair amount of the older type questions that seemed to be lifted straight from the book too.

I took my 1AE/Cheng unlimited last year and I used the same books from my 3rds. The ones from Mass Maritime.

Its “Preventative Maintenance of Electrical Equipment” by Charles Hubert. Published by McGraw-Hill

[QUOTE=KPEngineer;57252]Its “Preventative Maintenance of Electrical Equipment” by Charles Hubert. Published by McGraw-Hill[/QUOTE]

I was fortunate enough to have Hubert as an instructor and used his textbook in the course. Great book.

Funny story about my copy. Unfortunately I loaned my copy out to a utility boat engineer/pig farmer. We worked together on a utility boat being used as on a treasure hunt in the Bahamas. Several years later, I ran across him when he was a captain on a supply boat for the old Hornbeck, I believe. He got the book and gave it back to me. I put it in the back seat of my car. For a few days I noticed that my car really began to stink. Upon investigation, the source of the stink was the Hubert book. No telling where it was stored, but I couldn’t get the stink out of it and had to toss it.

U. S. Navy salvors handbook [URL=“”] has the info on damage control.

[QUOTE=cmakin;57253]Great book. [/QUOTE]That little book got me through my upgrade. It had been on the shelf gathering dust for almost a decade when I recalled how it was practically a pony for my sea project. I’ve thought about loaning it out a couple times but I’m too afraid I’ll never see it again.

[QUOTE=cmakin;57253]Great book.

My Hubert and Stinson’s books traveled with me for 5 years and were used by several engineers.