Stern tube leakage

Good day, Engineers
In my ship after last discharge, sea water is leaking into stern tube sealing oil tank. Evry 2 hours need to drain sea water from stern tube sealing oil tank. Would someone tell me what might be the reason?
Thanks in advance

Your seal is bad, have it repaired

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Is it aft seal or forward seal, How can i understan?

Wait, water is making it into the tank, not just the stern tube drain? That is ever so slightly odd. How much head is in the system?

Ask yourself: Which one of those separates shaft oil from sea water?

I agree. Had similar years ago and came to the conclusion that the rotating shaft was acting like a pump. Tank level dropped when in port. A new outboard seal fixed it. Luckily the annual drydocking was due.

I’ve seen there is a tank with two pipe line connection, one is for going oil to aft seal another one is for returning oil . We need to drain this tank. Wht is the reason?

As has been pointed out, you may have a bad shaft seal. You may also have bad oil pressure in the stern tube. How much head? What is the actual pressure? Does it only leak while under way?

the only one i’ve had issues with were required to have a bit of air pressure in them … might wanna check for a fitting?

Had this happen last time I was out to sea. It was a bad seal. had to tip the ship to replace it

Hey, The pressure is O.9
Actually, It is happening when the ship is without cargo. I have noticed when the ship is loaded the water doesn’t leak into tank.