Stena Primorsk and McAllister Escort : Hudson to Kingston Point

"Whoop! whoop! OPA 90 style!!"
Happy New Year to all.
Photos of the ship and [I]Charles McAllister[/I] and [I]McAllister Sisters [/I]taken yesterday by Jeffrey Anvezino:

Good write up here:

Thank you, Stena Primorsk–good luck with repairs. Thank you, McAllister & Co.
Happy New Year to everyone working tonight…!

[B]update:[/B] ok. Learned a bit more. Stena Primorsk is just too wide.

Summer Deadweight (m): 65079.00
Total Cubic capacity (m³): 67314.6
Year Built: 2006
Gross Tonnage: 36168
Length Over All: 600.07 ft / 182.9m
Extreme breadth: 131.23 ft / 40m
Flag: United Kingdom

She was at Bayonne Dry Dock & Repair Corp, then swung around at the anchorage until recently, and that every 8-day run to haul bacon fat, I mean, Bakken oil is now barged down the safe and normal way, so no tug & barge has to worry about having to pass the fat lady up the Hudson River Foodway Corridor (MARAD’s new initiative!!! hooray!).

Looks like Stena Primorsk is just leaving St. Johns to come back to NY, according to the University of the Aegean and :heart:MarineTraffic​:heart:.

And, the Hudson really IS a river.

Pretty cool!