Steamship Authority cancels some island ferries Thursday and Friday after COVID issues

Steamship management is terrible. They are stuck in their old ways of triple crew and deter a lot of new hires away. They will always have a manning issue, even if they use Covid as an excuse. Craziest thing is they don’t pay for you to be on the boat when your stuck on the island overnight

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Aren’t they represented by MEBA or MMP?

Deck side is Teamsters. Engine side is MEBA.

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The deck officers are teamsters or just the deckhand/cargo handlers?

Deck officers are. I am not sure what local but they are teamsters

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I guess Teamsters makes sense since the deck officers are treated like truck drivers, but paid less.

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When it comes to any of the “Inland” maritime unions, United Steel Workers, longshoremen, Operating Engineers, Teamsters, and other shoreside unions, they always give mariners the short end of the stick.

Well… the ferry broke free because the bow lines became “loose” and then the weather? LMFAO, the video shows it was flat calm and not enough wind to fly a kite.