So how do you get a job with GGBH Ferry?

I’m a high-speed ferry captain in NY harbor, from the Bay Area originally, I would happily move home. How do you get in with them?



At one time you could get your foot in the door by signing on as a deckhand with a license in your back pocket and schmoozing your way up from there.

I believe the Captains at GGF are MEBA Deck. Check into the MEBA union hall in Oakland.
Deck crews are Inland Boatmen’s Union.

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Thank you for responding!

I found their MEBA contract online. My sense is that since they have a collective baragaining agreement with MEBA and the bridge and highway district, it’s one of those jobs where they hire you outside of the union and then tell you to join within a certain time period.

It’s the best 100 ton job in the country and for that reason seems like a tough group to break in to.

I totally agree that’s it’s a cushy job. It looked pretty good at the time but my wife hated SF and something on the horizon was calling my name.