Steam Engineers

I realize that steam engineers are pretty much a thing of the past, but I recently heard of an American company looking for second assistant engineers with a steam license. The port engineer’s number is 901-830-7348. You probably should text instead of calling because he’s almost deaf by now.

Steam isn’t dead (yet) but appreciate the info. Keystone and TOTE manage the Algol-class SL-7s; those are all union staffed. I miss those ships, and cut my teeth as a port engineer on two of the eight.

If anyone has updated info, please feel free to post same.

I loved those things too! The crappela the bagatrix…I think I’ve been on all but 2 of them.

They’re kind of attractive in their own way. Compared to some big ugly Triple-E anyhow… I’ve always liked them.

I was able to upgrade to 2nd assistance Steam while sailing on the SS Blue Ridge. I’m in the offshore world now or else it sounds like it would be a fun gig.