STCW Regulation Chief Mate Class

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I got this question below,i would like if possible to be answered from somebody that knows well…

When i upgraded my certificate of competency from 2nd officer class to Chief Mate class im dealing with a problem that i cant be a commander of a touristic boat that is 5.9 Gross tonnage.
The regulation is that if i am 2nd officer i can be a commander of any boat less than 500 gt(if i have 12 months as bridge watch keeper whereas i have 24 months so i comply).If i am a chief mate i can be a commander of any boat less than 3000 gt (but i must have 12 months as a chief mate watchkeeper)

The municipality told me that i should tell them before hand,before i upgrade my certificate to pass me the duties from 2nd officer certificate to Chief officer class certificate which in case is to be a commander of any boat of 500gt or less as i reffered above.
I told them that since i comply they should do that automatically on chief mate class certificate and not wait for me to tell them if i comply or not.And now they say that i cant be a commander at all even if i have higher rank certificate because they didnt pass me the commander duties which i complied as 2nd officer.
And now im obliged to gather the same service of 12 months as chief mate from now on so i can drive the 5.9 gt boat.
For me this sounds no sense… can anybody tell me the official regulation of stcw if i can drive a touristic boat of 5.9gt with chief officer’s certificate of competency?

Nobody from professionals know?
The main issue is the below…
My problem is that as 2nd officer i could driver any boat of 500 gt or less.
But as A chief mate i cannot…How is that even possible as a higher class…

It’s fairly obvious this is not about U.S. issued certificates. The constituency here is largely, but not entirely, based in the U.S. and is not familiar with policies of other administrations.

The above notwithstanding, if you want any chance of a response, you need to identify the Administration involved. Also, don’t assume anyone knows who you are talking about in your copious references to “they.”


Municipality personell…
This is what the “they” is…
My problem is if stcw regulation states that a chief mate license cannot drive a touristic boat.But a 2nd officer license can drive a touristic boat.
But chief mate license is higher than a 2nd officer license…
All licenses are provided from merchant marine academies.
Which means…
Ranks are below:
Captain - highest
Chief Mate
2nd officer - lowest
Its a very simple question to be answered…

If it’s simple you should managed to find the answer yourself.

If you want help you need to list what country your operating in.


This is a US based forum, are you asking in regards to a United States Merchant Marine Credential? If not specify and maybe somebody with knowledge of other flag state licenses can help……

S.T.C.W international Convention.
In regards of this convention can a Merchant Mariner with a chief mate certificate of competency drive a touristic boat of a 5.9gt(gross tonnage) and what criteria the mariner must pocess to do it so…I just cannot find the relevant paragraph of stcw…all states/countries regulations are based on this stcw…
If you cannot answer in regards of the STCW international convention criteria just speak about the U.S itself criteria…

Again, what country are you talking about? The US reality is irrelevant and it’s very unlikely any of us can give you a good answer. But impossible since you still refuse to say where you are.

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Ok… we’ll talk about the US criteria for STCW courses then. If it’s not approved by the USCG, regardless of IMO recognition of the school and course, it is not valid for US licensing.

This is why we’re asking what country you’re talking about, because a large majority of us on here could simply answer with “Did the Coast Guard approve your courses? No, then you’re out of luck.”

We’re trying not to do that and to help you though, so lose the attitude and help us to help you.

The only USCG license that a non-US citizen can be issued is the so-called “six-pack” Operator of Uninspected Motorboats license.

A six-pack license authorizes the operation of an uninspected motorboat that is both under 100 GRT and under 65 feet, that carries no more than six passengers. “A touristic boat.”

US flag vessels operating in US waters (200 mile limit) less than 200 GRT (that’s about 500 GT), are exempt from STCW.

Therefore, if you are not a US Citizen, but have a US Greencard, you could apply for a US six-pack license. You’d have to take the USCG test for the six-pack license.

Furthermore, STCW, and any foreign CoC that you might hold would be totally irrelevant .

What municipality?

The simplest solution would be for you to get STCW II/3 Master on vessels less than 500 GT, but even then you might need a local flag state license for a vessel that small.

That vessel is almost certainly exempt from STCW so licensing requirements are up to the flag state or even the local municipality. STCW doesn’t give any equivalencies like you’re asking about, those are entirely local to your country or municipality.

This what i was looking for…
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Also keep in mind that most countries legislation allows you to operate at a lower capacity than your highest CoC. You may have a C/M CoC, but also still have a valid 2/M CoC. That would be enshrined within the local legislation that your country uses to implement the requirements of STCW. STCW is an international convention, not an “international law”. Your flag state has developed national rules and that is where your answer will lie.