STCW Course somewhere near the North West and cheap

I am looking to take a STCW 95 course. I live in Michigan and looking for a school near by, I would like to save a few dollars in the process. If you have an suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.


Movin-on, this link is a list of all the courses that are approved by the Coast Guard…be careful, some have all the courses and some have partial courses…by partial I mean some don’t have firefighting facilities…do your homework…good luck…

Not a lot of choices in Michigan. Unfortunately, the Great Lakes Maritime Academy doesn’t seem to offer any STCW courses in their ContEd program (but you might want to check with them anyway), and the RTM Star Center in Toledo, Oh. merged with the main office in Dania, Fl.
For firefighting you can go to the MARAD Great Lakes Region Fire Training Center in Swanton, Oh. Besides that, you may have to travel a considerable distance to find the rest of what you need.
There is a comprehensive list of links to the many schools that offer STCW training at the bottom of the Info page at the MTVA Forum.

CaptJack…That is a great list…I think I’ll file that one away for later…

Hi Movin-On:
The title of this post says, near the North West… If by that ya mean Oregon or Washington State Id recomend Clatsop Community College in Astoria, OR. They dont have too much selection but if your looking for BST basic/advanced, Lifeboatman and a few others give them a try. Way cheep and instructors are quality.
I took the BST and LB there for my AB last summer. There was a 500 ton inland tug guy there from SanFransisco taking the both. He said the travel, hotel, class tuition was still cheeper than just tuition in the CA schools.
I’d recomend them.


L E Fletcher in Houma LA is the most reasonable I’ve found. $440 for the 5 day basic.

Check with them, and ask about any bed & breakfast housing in the area.
This is not in the NW, but it is in the less expensive bracket.

Young Memorial in Morgan City LA is 275.00 for the complete 5 day course. Lodging will cost you about 375 at the Twin City Motel, cheap but clean and safe.

For those accessing this thread later…

A list of STCW-95 Basic Safety Training approved providers in the US can be found here:

Just go to the Courses Providers tab and click on the Course Providers Listing a pop up will appear with links to each school, the courses they provide and their telephone number.

Kinda’ cool. You can also search by course on this site and find designated examiners.