Staten Island Ferry Fire

Reports of the Sandy Ground having an engine room fire and evacuating 600+ passengers onto tugboats.

Sounds like they did a good job getting everyone off so well done there.

Before my retirement I was the primary surveyor for WETA in San Francisco also Blue and Gold fleet before they folded into WETA . The crews extensively train for this and so the crew does what they have been trained for. Well DONE!! New York.

on the flip side there is another ferry company that instructed their captains NOT to use the CO2 system due to the expense of having to service the system and to enter the space with a hand held.

The fact the boat is back in service and that they got that many passengers off safely is a true testament that their saftey program is effective. A really well done job

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I don’t think she’ll be back in service for some time.

I stand corrected, thanks for the article. I was surprised to hear them check in with Traffic the other day and jumped to conclusions.

Oof, when did that happen?

it was SOP in the 1990 through 2010 as far as people employed there were telling me. and the sources were very reliable, people I had known for many years. not sure what’s going on now. these municipalities’ especially in California are their own little kingdoms and answer to no one

Anyone have any updates? I see the vessel is at Caddell’s.