Starting A Career Offshore

My name is Cameron Gordon Iam trying to get a job offshore I have 1 month experience in the oil and gas industry. I have a twic card a rig pass and a safe gulf safe land can any one help me. I live in wv and I have been looking for a entry level postion for offshore and had no luck. you can email me at and iam willing to travel were ever the work is

He has had his “helpers” handle deckhands over the years but ultimately he was the finalized, just figure if someone else deals with the deckhand stuff on a day to day basis these days they will be easier to get in touch with and see what’s up. Haven’t heard back from a friend but will try again to see.

Yeah his name is Joseph or joe which ever he gets called both names. Best Days to reach him is Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Don’t call him on Monday or Friday because he would rarely be there to answer. Also just bug him once every two weeks or every week to keep his memory fresh of you because like z-drive said u never know if they going to need a deckhand tomorrow, and if u have your sea bag already pack and you ready to work, you will get the job first.

[QUOTE=Capt. Phoenix;116252]Have you shown up in person at any of those places? It’s the only way to get hired on an OSV. (That doesn’t apply to Ensco, Transocean, or Noble.)[/QUOTE]

I have not shown up anywere yet. Its a 11 hr drive to get there and I juts spent what little savings i had on getting my credintals and twic. Oh and taking the stcw-95. I have to get a little money togather befor i can afford to make the trip.

Hey guys I’m 22 and I’m trying to get offshore,I have no exp but I have my twic,pec safe gulf,fire watch,fire safety,CPR first aid,riggers training,and rig pass,water survival huet.I have lots of family members who work offshore or on land but can’t seem to catch a break,I’m not afraid of work and I’ve been offshore for a catering company called aramark,some ppl tell me to apply for Hercules and don’t tell them I worked for a catering company or they won’t hire me,if yall know ne companies where I can get outside exp please write back thanks.