Standard Offshore Tally-Books


Our most requested item from forum users is now available!! Custom gCaptain tally books… identical to the ones every drillship chief mate, oil rig engineer, toolpusher and DPO carries in their back pocket.

These are the high quality vinyl ones (not the cheap laminated soft cover variety that are starting to become common).

Get them here: gCaptain Offshore Tally Books

Note: we are also offering waterproof paper inserts… very similar to the Rite-In-Rain tallybooks but with a better cover material.


Always preferred the ones with a spirall ring binder myself.

So do I for bridge work but they end up rusting or catching on your oants after a few weeks hard use on deck… or, at least they did for me.

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I had a buddy in the coast guard grab me a 12 pack of those green military issue memo pads years ago. I think I’ve gone through 4 so far. Fit snug in my pocket with a pen wedged in for writing. Talley books are good for cargo ops and soundings though.

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I may have found a nice alternative… a spiral ring insert that fits inside our tally books.

Are the rings on your favorite spiral ring tallybook exposed or are they inside the cover?

Wow, talk about customer service! I really doubt Amazon would ever give this type of service. @john, I have to give it to you as you are really taking this gCaptain Store seriously. :+1:

You can expect my second order next week. I would do it this week but there is a little get together in Daytona call Biketoberfest which is calling my name.

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It’s been fun and it’s nice that 99% of the feedback is positive… which is NOT something you get publishing the news today.

But the enthusiasm really comes from this guy (my son Jack wearing the new Ultimate Ship Shirt!) who’s been really stoked by launching new items.


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Mine always had the ring inside the cover. Never had a problem with rust, even with sweating downstairs.

Gotcha! Mine had the spiral outside… which is probably why I had problems. I’ve ordered a few of the type you describe to test them out. Thanks!

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Turns out you’re right… they are better!

And now they are also available in the store!

Glad ya like them. I’ll have to check them out.

Why do you like them better?

They lay completely flat and are slightly thinner. The quality of the paper is also slightly better.

Great Job, I have been using these for years, order on the way soonest, Thanks John

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We also just got in some grid paper inserts because we know those engineer types love their grids :slight_smile:

I have seen the Mates use them (grid lines) for reefer logs.

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