Bar carts?

Hey guys I’m a steersman and looking into where I can fine some good bar charts that I can make my own notations on,like for a three hole binder or something similar,looking for upper and lower Mississippi.thanks p.s thanks agin for gcaptain very helpful,good job guys!

actually I think you want to fix the title to the thread…you have Bar Carts not Bar Charts in it but for me, I am not all in favor of bar carts on the bridge. They tend to roll around too much and the bottles fall off. I prefer a built in liquor cabinet that opens with the push of a button. I wonder if the Norskies has those on their spaceship subsea vessels they build? I know they have panoramic view lounges on them!


“It’s the only way to fly…ahk, ahk!”

oh that look on Buddy Hackett’s face at the controls…absolutely priceless! They just don’t make funny movies like at anymore…DAMN!


Try Baker Lyman nautical book store, they have a place in New Orleans and Houston. They have a large assortment of items like charts and books.


Thanks for the info.ill check that out.