Any good Websites/brick and mortar stores for outfitting Seafarers?

New to the industry and have read some threads here on suggested gear and have gotten some good pointers herein. Was wondering if thier are any good websites/stores that outfit sailors and provide goods/services for thier overall/general needs for thier profession? Also any good brick and mortar stores in the major ports and areas. I’m trying to get things together for O/S MSC work,located in Jacksonville,Fl, and right now i am relying on for my outfitting needs.

For what Amazon, West Marine (try for a Port Supply account) and Landfall don’t have, try this;

Hamilton Marine is a small chain in Maine that deals with both personal boaters and commercial fishermen (lobstermen mainly). I have found them to have very good prices.

Also try google searching the specific brand and model if gear you want, maybe add “for sale” after it.

Seattle Marine:
Oh, and POP in Honolulu

[QUOTE=lemurian;62451]Seattle Marine:[/QUOTE]

I avoid that place like the plague. I could spend a whole paycheck in there in like 10 min. - what West Marine WANTED to be

Second that emotion.

thankz all for the advise, i got a sea bag squared away for the most part for the 13th Neo in norfolk, just scouting sites for things i may have forgotten. then again as im aware when i get out there then i will realize i need something.

Lots of good companies listed on the link above.