SSO training

I am supposed to find a training course to go to for ship security officer. I see different classes offered for SSO/VSO/CSO/FSO. Is there any real difference in going to one or another of these classes. Should I try to go to a class that has ship/company and also facility security officer or only ship security officer? Does it make any difference to the USCG or to the companies that will be hiring me to work on thier vessels which class I have taken? I see some classes are only 2 days and one (at MEBA) is a whole week. Any ideas on why? Does anyone have any recommendation for any particular school for this class?
Thanks for any input

most SSO/VSO courses are 2 day…CSO is typically 3 days…FSO??

SSO/VSO 2 day will meet the STCW requirement

San Jacinto College in Pasadena, Tx was offering both SSO/VSO 2 day and CSO 3 day

seadawg is right that the shortest course is all that is required. The other parts are only required if you want to do the job shoreside. My call would be the short course if you are paying and the long course if the company is paying. I did it at MPT in Ft Lauderdale, and can highly recommend the course there. It was a 4 day course when I did it but I got the whole thing including some small arms training at the range. I don’t know if they still do the course as well but it was still excellent. Incidentally in my case I found and paid for the course and the company reimbursed.