SSCV Sleipnir in Gibraltar

World’s largest crane barge SSCV Sleipnir in Gibraltar:

Built in Singapore with 2 x 10000 m.t. SWL revolving cranes made in China.

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It’s probably still worth mentioning that these are Huisman cranes, not some no-name Chinese brand.

The major Chinese crane manufacturers does have name.
The biggest and best known is ZPMC. They produce both STS cranes and revolving cranes:

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how the hell did that thing get across the pond that fast? i just took pictures of her feb 23rd here in Trinidad…
pretty impressive, didnt know she could get up on a plane too…

She was in Gibraltar at the end of the delivery voyage so this is old news.
Posted here because of the closeup shots.

that makes a bit more sense. i took a ride over close by to check her out just 2 weeks ago here in Trinidad. very impressive to say the least… i looked into her online, what a rig…

Main hook on one of the cranes, SSCV Sleipnir:


Perfect fishing gear for… Cthulhu?

Nothing mythical about the SSCV Sleipnir,
(Except the name that is):

Yes everything is big, incl. the lifting capability:

She just set a new world record for offshore lifting by cranes:

The Pioneer Spirit has lifted heavier items, but not with cranes:

Even heavier “lifts” are done regularly by Semi-submersible HLVs, The largest of which is able to load (lift) and transport single items up to 117.000 tonnes:

PS>Larger one is planned.

PPS> I’m sure you noticed that all these are Dutch owned (sort of) and operated.