Spring 2012

Hello, I haven’t been logged in for awhile now, but I am back and happy to see this website is still just as useful and knowledgeable as ever!

About me: I graduated high school in 2010. I will be turning 20 this coming August.
I’ve been holding down jobs here and there, I will likely be taking a few classes at my local university this fall just so my mind doesn’t go turn to mush bussing tables all day haha;)

Well I’ve been really the past year just figuring out what the hell I want to pursue at a career that would be both challenging and equally as rewarding. To me, it seems all roads lead to the Workboat Mate Program. I had asked about this close to a year ago and unfortunately forgot a lot of the good information I received since then. :confused:

I sent an email to ‘Marja’ off of their website asking this same question, but maybe I will also get some insight from this board as I know a few here have been through this program. I even read the blog that was posted and was definitely glad to see that in the ‘first day’ writeup that he mentioned there are even some in the program in their early twenties.

My question is 1) am I completely out of line to think that at 20yrs old I could succeed in this program, in other words, is this something sorta for the ‘old, salty guys’? 2) I am going to be starting the process to getting my passport, TWIC, MMD. Other than that what else, right now, do I need to begin doing to make it into the Spring 2012 program at PMI.

Thanks for reading and all the replies, sorry I was so long winded:D

Kevin Green

Still reading up on the forums! I hope somebody can chime in soon, another question…should I start
looking at the companies they list on their website to apply for a cadet spot, is this done after enrolling in the Workboat Mate program at PMI?
I realize, though, I won’t be talking to anyone really company wise until I get my TWIC, passport, MMD. Will do a search on how long one can expect
to receive those documents after applying. Sure hope it does not take so long that I wouldn’t have them by the time to enroll at PMI! The captain on
the little offshore boat I worked on had hell getting his TWIC!

Thanks for reading, if you would prefer to talk through PM or email that would be just as good as well!!
My email is kmgreen@stx.rr.com

Kevin Green

I work at PMI and helped design the Workboat Mate program a few years back. PM me.