Spectacular Mooring failures

Too many lines on one bollard?:


That’s one of those new bluetooth bollards.


Is that likely to happen during mooring ops? A better bet might be a weather event or getting pulled off by another ship passing close and too fast.

I know the SWL on a ship’s bit is rated for a tug’s eye on one half of the bit, the compressing force of an eye over both posts halves the SWL. I wonder if shore bollards are rated the same, I could imagine the upwards force in the middle of those two bits could cause enough tension to pop the anchors in the middle there.

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Could it be that an extreme high tide, not looked for and the overload brake release not working, lifted the ships and extracted the bollard?

The bollard itself has a serious look, while its anchorage in the dock wall has only an amateurish one…

It’s not unheard of to part mooring lines from hydrodynamic forces from passing ships. No reason why a bollard of an old pier in poor condition couldn’t get pulled out.

Damn, they stole the pier again !

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Ålesund Port Authorities must have seen the picture in OP as well. The are renewing the bollards at the Cruise Terminal to this type:

The original bollards for comparison:

PS> No this is NOT a very old pier. It was completed in 2008, but both the size and number of Cruise ships that calls at the terminal has increased since then.

Shore power supply connections have been in place for a couple of years:

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“That is going to make a nice lawn ornament,” said the CO. But the more important thing, at least to some on these forums, “do we blame Trump or Biden?” :grin:


That’s a mighty big BBQ.