Bollard strength

This is a subject I have been involved in quite a lot as Warranty Surveyor:

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On a much lighter note:

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It is was never envisaged that bollards installed a century ago would be subject the almost vertical forces imposed by a highsided vessel like a car carrier. There was one instance where the bollard was plucked out and catapulted over the ship and an adjacent empty pier landing in the harbour, miraculously without causing other damage or injury.
I carried out a survey on a new Italian built vessel about 20 years ago where the tug had ripped out the stern centreline bollard. It should not have been possible given the bollard pull of the tug. On removal of the spar ceiling in the compartment below, the steelwork in place was not as per the drawings . The carling beams were missing and the bollard had been basically welded to the deck.

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