SPACEX Launch interference

Are there new OICNW openings on Harmony of the Seas???

I’m not sure where the Coast guard was on this one. I remember one time we had to slow way down to wait for the launch before entering the Launch zone and an USCG Helicopter still checked us out to make sure that we knew better, . Also, the launch is constantly being announced on CH 16 so I’m sure the Cruise ship has some answering to do.

Yeah right, like that has ever happened!

I can’t remember the name of the ship but it was drifting off St. Thomas waiting a daylight arrival when it went on the rocks at the base of an enormous cliff. The cruise company never reported the grounding or oil spill that resulted from wheel damage. Nothing ever happened to the company, some CG admiral probably got a retirement job.

Could it be that was because it was NASA launch, and Space X is a private entity?

I am just wondering who the hell is taking a cruise to Brownsville. . . .

It’s all rage doncha know.

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It was not a NASA launch.

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