Solas stickers by dalite

Tried a search using those 3 words and couldn’t find anything.

Does anyone have the book with all the diagrams or sticker in it? Looking for the # in the bottom Left hand side for Methanol. Need to order the Horn sticker and the old one has faded so bad that you can’t read the # on it.

I was on one of the company boats that had a book with all the stickers that Dalite makes. If anyone knows where to find it on the internet that would be appreciated also. I tried searching there also but must be putting in the wrong wording.

Thanks …

I don’t know about Dalite but Datrex has a PDF of the SOLAS stickers on their website.

Bookmark this page. This company has almost any sticker or signage you could ever need.

Thanks for the leads to all the websites. I went thru them and didn’t find any methonal signs. Called my old Captain and he found the book I was looking for. Pretty much what was posted but if anyone what’s to have on onboard you can req. it as Maritine progress book.

They have a website also. Thanks again for the help. Guess I’ll just send in the diagram with the dimensions and have them make some up.

This one??