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[B]Security Companies Suffering from Unethical Practices[/B]

By MarEx August 02, 2014

Recently, information regarding the unethical gathering of data has been brought to our attention from MarSec Union members, as well as others in the industry including port agents, armory vessel owners and employees of shipping and insurance companies, says Lieutenant (Military Retired) Dave Daniel Rachimi, CEO of the maritime security organization World MarSec Union. “They have notified us that some private maritime security companies (PMSCs) have become aware of suspicious business practices regarding client poaching.”

We are all operating in an industry where the highest level of trust and ethical behavior must be practiced by all of us in order that all missions around the globe run smoothly and safely, says Rachimi. “It is for this reason that joining the Union and then using its resources provides all of us with a safe, trusted, and neutral place to go for all the needs of each and any PMSC mission.”

The Union has a joint venture for purchasing and logistics that is bound by strict regulations where client poaching can and will not happen, he says. The Union will act as a neutral trustee while both parties do not need to know the full details of the clients of the other party. “Practicing business with The Union provides both parties with a safe and trusted business venue without the fear of losing their clients.

“Some PMSCs see the way to massive financial rewards as a tool to exploit their own operators and agents, often putting them in great financial danger and criminal jeopardy. Therefore, the Union will continue to address these issues through our legal and ethical divisions and will promote a charter for professional and legally binding work practices across our industry.”

Many port agents and armory vessels charge exorbitant prices for simple services such as gear storage. The unethical and negative approaches taken by many continues to allow for an increase in corruption, formation of cartels, monopoly practices, and immoral activities throughout this industry including logistical providers in the main high risk area ports.

“The Union has had to adopt a proactive stance on this and maintains strict rules of ethical and fair business practices. It has both a steering and ethical committee. These arbitrating powers single out, warn, and stop a PMSC, logistical provider, armory vessel owner or port agent from operating in a nonproductive, destructive mode.”

The Union offers affordable joint venture weapons in 35 high risk area ports. (In West Africa these would be local navy or police official forces.)

Delivering quality maritime security services requires significant investment in trained operators in order to provide real time availability of weapons. “No PMSC can have all the needed logistical and gear resources at all 35 high risk area ports,” says Rachimi. “We believe that our Union provides more logistical services than any other logistical provider.”

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