SNL skit with the debate including the "Fly" on Pence's hair

Anyone see the opening skit last night on SNL? It was hilarious, unlike some of the stuff they’ve been putting out lately. I correctly predicted the fly would make an appearance, but incorrectly predicted it would be Obama, not Biden. I watched on YouTube this morning. Still chuckling.

Nope didn’t catch it. I used to love that show & watched it whenever I could. But I noticed the butt of the “humor” was almost always pointed in the same political direction & obvious punchlines against the other side were blatantly overlooked. I realized it was nothing more than propaganda poorly desgized as humor & I wasn’t the intended audience. Propaganda from either side is easily predicted for me so it quit being funny.

I seen you call it a few days ago & agreed fully. If dopes like us can predict SNL skits then it can’t be genuinely funny. I now mostly sleep early on Saturdays when home being tired after long family days of hiking, swimming or other activities.


It was a bit less partisan than usual. but still the same tilt. I do miss the early days as well. The Kamala character spitting out her martini was special regarding Supreme Court stacking question.

I also quit watching it years ago when too many skits turned into single minded attacks driven by politics and devoid of humor. Maybe the change of management is bringing about a return to comedy.


I don’t know. I really like Maya Rudolph the actress who plays Kamala Harris. From her 6 years on SNL in the early 2000’s, her role in Idiocracy, The Brides Maids to her most recent role as the judge on The Good Place. But she told night show host Jimmy Fallon, "… because it’s my civic duty. I gotta do it. I gotta get there and do whatever I need to do to make sure that she wins this election, and also that I do a good job.” concerning playing Harris. She even admits that political propaganda & spreading her political views is why she does the role. She & SNL are barely different than the political talking heads that do the nightly & weekend political news talkshows IMO. I’ll keep watching her comedies aimed to make people laugh but not her doing whatever she can to get a politician elected on SNL. Probably my lose but I get enough political propaganda from both sides as it is, I don’t need anymore.

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SNL is a shell of it’s formal self from decades ago. Surprised it still is on the air.

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I think the fly is the third party people should vote for.


Bill Burr showed brass cajones with that monologue

Which fly sir? Biden fly is already in the mix supposedly. Jim Carrey is impersonating/dissing him quite well.

A botfly…?

(why oh why did I google search this creature…)

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