Six Ways Remote Helm Control Technology Improves Marine Vessel Operations –

Then there is another way that Remote control improves…
… oh, just read it. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

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In case you missed it
“… attempted to steer the boat via remote control while the pair were intimate…”

46 year old captain crashes the boat while having sex with a 26 year old deckhand and the deckhand also gets charged. WTF?

Cheya Handley’s defence lawyer said she was only admitting to 10 minutes of negligence

Interesting perspective.

Who was pushing whose buttons??

… and I wonder if the remote control had “Master” and “Slave” options.

Waiting for the joystick jokes…

No, the thing at the front is called a jackstaff!

Well, according to the article, she did get her promotion :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Dereliction of duties as lookout.
Contributory negligence.

Her lawyer “added that in the maritime industry, the skipper is regarded as “God”.”


She was doing her duty, following orders :wink:

Must give the other Lee a call - see if Bravo can work this into a future episode…

… and maybe start with a clip from her “audition”!:shushing_face:

Reminds me the time when the second mate was having it off with the female radio officer when the ship hit the reef. The scuttlebutt was (did the earth move for you too?":joy: