Six cords shy of a broken back / flooded cellar


I believe this young man lives in the farther reaches of Penobscot County:


Yeah, that one cracks me up. I’m from Somerset County originally, Kennebec River Valley, still hear that accent from the guys working in the woods.

Six cords shy of a broken back…

That’s going to be my new mantra. Put that on a tee shirt.

Plus the groups name “flooded cellar” brought back memories. Spent lots of time bailing out our cellar. The outside bulkhead cellar door was at the bottom of a slope. Man you open the inner door and watch the water coming down the stairs like Niagara. Come to think of it my dad was a charter member of the “furnace fighters of America”. Yeah buddy, Oil Heats Best! Years later when we watched Christmas Story movie the whole family was rolling on the floor for that scene where the old man “weaves a web of obscenities that still hangs in the air” as clunking and hammering noises come from below.

Hey maybe that’s why I became an engineer - standing ankle deep in a dark cellar trying to get an oil burner going.


First time I’ve heard it from someone wearing a Yankees hat.

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Maine is a lot more diverse than people think.


An he’s a NY Yankess fan to boot! This kid’s awesome!!

Indeed. There’s even guys named D-Money, Shifty, and Smoothy.

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