SIU application process question

I am on step 2 of the SIU application. I have completed and sent all of the documents (TWIC, MMC, etc) except for the dental letter. I got a letter from my dentist and sent it July 10th, but SIU said I would need to get the minor issues in my letter fixed and the send another.They said not to worry because I still have time and Piney Point doesn’t open until September. It is now late August and due to my dentist being notoriously difficult to get ahold of or get an appointment, I haven’t even started the work yet.

I have new insurance starting this week so tomorrow I’ll be knocking on doors hard to get the ball rolling on this, but I am still concerned that they think I have lost interest or that I am lazy.

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else has taken this long to complete their application/paperwork, and is it true they ban you from reapplying if you don’t have all of the step 2 requirements done on time?