Sirius Radio Black Friday Deals

Hey, if anyone has been looking for a satellite radio, Sirius has a good deal on their portable model, Stilleto 2 tomorrow, Black Friday, for $99.

I talked to others before purchasing one earlier this year, and it has been wonderful. Has a lot of memory for storing MP3 files, and you can listen to satellite radio through WiFi when traveling through airports or at home. Not as slim as an iPod, but it does a lot more.

Great for listening to NFL games, too.

How far offshore can you go with one of these?

My experience with satellite radio is limited to about 150 mi offshore in the oil patch. Here’s what their web site says about their weather service, which should have the same coverage as their regular service:

[B]2. What are the areas where service is available? [/B]
SIRIUS Marine Weather subscribers are able to receive SIRIUS Marine Weather from anywhere within SIRIUS’s satellite footprint, which blankets the 48 contiguous states, and international waters extending hundreds of miles into the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea.