Marine Weather Channel Being Replaced!

Anyone have Marine Weather Channel Feeds on their Drillships/Semis? Just got word that it is being replaced by Sirius Satellite Weather. Dude, I get to listen to Howard while on watch!!!

<strong><strong><font face=“Arial” size=“2” color="#990000]<span style="font-size: 10pt; color: #990000; font-family: Arial]Existing Weather
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<strong><strong><font face="Arial]<span style="font-family: Arial]WSI is offering a transition plan
for these customers which includes free hardware and WXMate software (a $1299 or
$1349 value) when they renew their subscription for a two year period to Sirius
Satellite Weather. Details on this package can be found
on</span></font></strong></strong></span></font></strong><font face="Arial]<span style="font-family: Arial] </span></font><font face=“Arial” size="2]<span style="font-size: 10pt; font-family: Arial][<strong><strong><font face=“Arial” color="black]<span style="color: windowtext; font-family: Arial; text-decoration: none]The Weather
Channel Marine</span></font></strong></strong>](<strong><strong><font face="Arial]<span style="font-family: Arial] web site.</span></font></strong></strong></span></font>

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Is there any open source software for pulling the weather data off the sirius?

If not I think I might go for the $29 per month option to view this data directly on their website: [LINK](" title="Sirius Marine Weather)

Most all the weather data you need is availble via the internet free from NOAA. A good start is the gcaptain Weather Tools page.

or NOAA’s Marine Forecast page:

If what you need is not there let me know and I can most likely find it.


The only really revolutionary thing about SiriusXM weather is the ability to overlay live weather radar images on a line chart.

People serious about weather (no pun intended) will find plenty of free sites, or invest in a product like Ocen(.com)'s Weather Net and Grib Explorer. If you are able to interpret the model data, like lapse rate and water vapor data, you can get everything you need there.

Honestly I think the sailing sailors would benefit from the sat Wx more than commercial folks. They seldom leave the coastal weather radar coverage and it’s a great way to watch approaching squalls and take the guess work out of the question: when to reef?