USCG Proposes To Terminate NAVTEX Weather Reports

There is a proposal by the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) to terminate the broadcast of medium frequency Navigational Telex (NAVTEX) (weather) messages to ships and instead send the information via satellite. The National Weather Service creates NAVTEX messages and the USCG broadcasts them. For more information on NAVTEX messages see:

For more information, on this proposal click on the Federal Register Notice:

What part of backup systems in the interest of marine safety is falling through the cracks at Coast Guard headquarters. First LORAN and now this?

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Using NAVTEX info straight off the receiver can be a pain but the ECDIS can be set up to receive from the receiver and filter out irrelevant information. It’s a very convenient and useful used that way.

Notice and Request for Comments. The comment period closes November 12, 2019.

I was just talking with some guys from the NGA. They stressed using NAVTEX as their HYDROPAC messages do NOT cover the coastal US waters. I let them know about this proposal. If you’re not in range of the local broadcast of the local notice to mariners for your next port of call, you need these NAVTEX messages, however you get/filter them. I will be making an official comment for the USCG.

Direct link to comment page:

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Seems the equipment makers disagree with USCG concerning antiquated equipment.

We are a Danish producer and supplier of NAVTEX transmitters and our NAVTEX solutions are constantly updated with new technology to fulfil future requirements like NAVDAT and Local Language. Our systems are modern and reliable and used worldwide. In general, our NAVTEX solutions are relatively cheap and very easy to upgrade for extra transmitters and sites and supply of spare parts and repairs are guaranteed for the lifetime of the systems.
We therefore find the argument that The equipment is antiquated and essential replacement parts are difficult to find and expensive, placing overall operation of MF NATEX at risk not true at all. NAVTEX is still a vital and important part of maritime safety for many years to come.

We will be happy to expand our views on this and you are welcome to contact me.
Best Regards
Asger Milborg

The USCG has released a Federal Register Notice, soliciting feedback on this proposal. If the Coast Guard does not get any responses, they will terminate this broadcast. The Federal Register Notice is located HERE.

Thanks - NAVTEX for me is literally free. I already have a radio and I already have a PC. The software is widely available as freeware and works fine.
I plan to file a comment in support of keeping it.

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Personally I find the little NAVTEX printer to be a trusty and faithful friend and I always scan the forecasts/nav advisories whenever I’m on watch. They increase my SA and even the noise itself is a regular and steadying presence in the wheelhouse. I hope they don’t get rid of them.