Should I Apply for Seafarers School?

Hello, I’m new to the forums, I’m in my mid-20’s and I’m looking for career to pursue (working at Target isn’t cutting it).
Throughout my life, I’ve been into watersports and I always wanted to get a job at sea. I googled how to become a
deckhand and it lead me to the seafarers program. Anyone have experience with this school or know people that
went there? Is there another option for me that I can do? Is it hard to get in this program? Post any of your thoughts
about it. Thank you.


It had been discussed here a lot. Try the search function and spend a few days reading old threads.

I might have gone on a tangent, but how im I a pervert?
I’m just saying I can maintain a float without drowning or whatever,
if I were to go overboard/rescue for whatever circumstances.

I gave it a good search but I wasn’t able to find a topic that mentions about the school.
I really do gotta dig for those old threads because I haven’t found them yet.
Thanks for reminding me about the search, I sometimes forget about it when i join a new forum.


I think he missed the sarcism. Lol

OK, here are the names for the ‘seafarer’s school’ Piney Point. Harry Lundeburg school of seamanship. Or SIU school.

Look up those names on the link for training or even on this thread. Piney Point is a Union school. If you apply, AND get accepted it is a 6 or 9 month course (I forget which) but you can find that info out. Although you are not guaranteed a Union job afterwards, you will be in the running for one.

As an alternative, Look into some other schools that teach: basic safety, STCW, and cold water survival. These are the basic courses that ANY employer will require to walk in the door. Maybe just spending the minimum (around $2,000) and trying it out would be better than throwing several more thousand away to get into something you may not like.

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Google “watersports”.

Google “watersports”. It means the same as “golden shower”…