Advice for someone new?

Hello guys. The seafaring business seems complicated! How do I break into the biz?<br><br>What do yall think about the SIU and the apprentice training program? Why is this training free, whats the catch? How much do you have to pay in union dues? Will I be sitting on my ass for months in between jobs because of the seniority system? Also - will the SIU pay for training classes for 3rd mate after 5 years or so on the job?<br><br>A little background on me: I’m at 29 year old programmer w/ bachelors in computer science. I’m really looking for something different to do, and I can’t do a desk job any more or work in an office. I have no family, financial or social obligations so I am free to go to sea for whatever period of time. <br><br>Thanks!<br><br>

If you have no seafaring experience then the SIU program is probably<br>a good way to break in. If you already know your way around then<br>you might want to give it a pass. You can join SIU later once you<br>hold an AB ticket, from what I understand.<br><br>Dues are not very expensive. <br><br>There is no catch, there is opportunity in the industry if you have<br>a good attitude and are diligent. <br><br>Piney Point does have a program for OICNW (3rd Mate).<br>Not sure what obligation you incur by taking it there though.<br><br>You will not get the best paying jobs at first. But you will not be sitting<br>on your ass for months between jobs unless you want to.<br><br>Hope this helps.

Search the threads here for info. There is topic after topic discussing your questions. Come up with a new one and you’ll get lots of help.<br><br>CA