Should I advertise on gCaptain?

Hey everyone,

So we’ve been making a new Annunciator Alarm Panel and are looking to get it out to the world (if you’re interested you can take a look at

However, we seem to find it quite difficult to get our product sold and the reason seems to be that it is hardly noticed.

Question: Do you think it’s worth putting an ad up on gCaptain or is it too much of a risk? gCaptain offers 50,000 impressions for $500/month and with just 2 sales, we’ve fully covered the costs of advertising. But what if no one is actually interested in purchasing an annunciator alarm panel for their vessel? Having little information and experience in the maritime market, it’s difficult to make a decision… What do you think?

I have always believed that advertising is the key, advertise in any maritime magazine and especially on gcaptain. @john and the rest of the crew do an excellent job with gcaptain and I would say $500 a month is well worth the exposure. If your sales are bad any advertisement opportunities should be jumped on.

Just my 2 cents

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People will not find your product to make the purchase decision unless you tell them about it. The gCaptain website will be able to do just that for you. They have great exposure.

I just searched Google using the keywords “Annunciator Alarm Panel” and the link/URL to your site did not show up on the first 5 pages of Google. After that, I stopped looking.

gCaptain is continually improving there advertising section, to benefit their client advertisers. By advertising on gCaptain for the long-term you would be a part of that, and amongst the bigger players automatically. Your site and brand would look good here in the directory where everybody else is.

What are you waiting for? To move your business to the next level you will need to take some risk.

@Capt_Obvious & @DeepSeaDiver ,

Thanks for your advice!

So I am offered the following options:
Either a month of the ad on the website (50K guaranteed impressions) OR a week on the newsletter (generally sees about 80K impressions (not guaranteed)). Considering the product I am trying to sell, which one do you think I should go for?

You guys have definitely got much more experience in the maritime field and your opinion could really help us out!

Listen to Captain Obvious; he is a real maritime professional.

But ignore shorebound armchair maritime wannabes who merely troll on gcaptain with a lot of uninformed google and wiki regurgitations.


Is it possible for you to financially do both? If not I would take the month with 50,000 gaurenteed. I always like guarantees.

Again these are my personal opinions. I know some people also advertise in workboat magazine but I have no information on cost or exposure.

Shorebound…as in the guy who started this site? There is nothing wrong with someone going shoreside while first gaining experience on the water, especially if for family reasons. Maybe we should keep the status quo and let the all the guys who run the companies have 0 experience on the water. However, I also agree there alot of people on here that do troll.

First, the guy who started this site is an experienced unlimited master who is still sailing and gaining more experience. On top of that he’s an exceptional guy.

The guy I was referring to has never sailed and has no credentials or experience.

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Understand I know he is, my point was simply we need more people like that to be shoreside because the people I know shoreside…whoa, they don’t know what portside means, but they are family of the company owner!

Also, one of the reasons I respect the owner of this site is because of his article about people calling themselves a “Captain” when in fact they got the license and then went on shore…thus the phrase paper captain…if you have more years on land than at sea and you’re not even close to retirement, you are a paper captain regardless of if you have a credential…BUT this article about ads, and ive ombugged aka trolled the topic so ill sit on the sidelines…either way, when it comes to advice on ads, this might be one scenario where I take advice from someone on land.

Your welcome @NEAT I hope to see your advertisement in the near future. Best of luck with your product marketing plan.

Please Note: The current advertisers on the site, if you click on the product or service the page opens and there are social media share tools, also the ability to bookmark for easy reference and even a send an email form. The web design team at gCaptain has really set this up nicely to help get the word out about your product, in a nice easy to read and navigate format.

@DeepSeaDiver Hmm? Could you further explain what you mean by that?

Just go to this link below, start clicking around, and you will see all the great tools and how they can help you.

You should contact the gCaptain advertising department for any particulars you have questions about, as I do not want to say too much on their behalf as I am not an employee of gCaptain.

You can make a short list of questions that are important to you, and they can answer those. That’s what they do on a regular basis. That is why they have grown so much, and are successful at what they do, as the #1 Maritime website in the world.

NEAT, I found out about your product on the forum here where you made a thread. But I would not have found it through advertisements, because I block all ads using add blockers (AdBlock plus,etc)

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