Should commercial fisherman on vessels over be required to be licensed

From a growth of the USMM stand point and a safety stand point I’ve always been in favor of this and have been in awe how large fishing vessels don’t have to be captained by anyone with any prior knowledge of navigation or the rules of the road. I can only see this as another opportunity that should be capitalized on by the representatives of the fishing industry and the USMM.

well, I would think it wonderful if all fishermen and yachties had to have a “driver’s license” of a sort, I do know that for FVs over 299grt require licenses.

ANY vessel used for commercial purposes hould have a licensed officer appropriate to the vessel tonnage. No exemption for FSV’s or vessels under 26ft, and if they are doing tug work they need to have a towing edorsment. Watched one of those little exempt tugs pushing a full size deck barges with a huge crane and living quarters with men on deck around Venice the other day.

I would think that would be something for the insurance companies. How easy is it to get indemnity insurance on a vessel in commercial operation whose captain passed the Safe Boater course last summer?