Conversation about 'unlicensed' freight boats' in GOM? original topic?

Does anyone recall the thread about the guy who was responding to an original post, and asserted he ‘didn’t need’ a license to run a ‘company owned’ freight boat that only hauled the companies own goods and equipment?

I was looking in this months PM, and there is an article about just this type of thing in Alaska, and how the ‘Captain’ was arrested for DUI, and being unlicensed. I wanted to find out how the original thread reated, but can’t recall the original topic to search.

Thanks. The old noggin, it just ain’t what it used to be!

I remember a thread like that but it concerned commercial fishing vessels under a certain tonnage not needing documented and endorsed crew to operate.

I remember that guys post, but don’t remember if it was a reply to another thread or its own.

Posting the requested thread for future reference during searches.

The post is “50 ton to 100 ton sea time” in the Professional Mariner Forum.

I remember a thread like…

I don’t recall the thread, but until recently there was an exemption from licensing for towing vessels in the oil and mineral industry. It didn’t have to be for one company’s own equipment. The CG authorization act of 2010 eliminated this exemption.

Also, in this case, he may be asking about what has become known as “utility towing.” If the towing vessel is under 26’ and they are not towing goods for hire, it’s possible they would not need a license.