Shipyard/Vessel Repair Reading

gCaptain Crew, though my background is as a Deck Officer, I’ve been working for the past year in shipbuilding/vessel repair as a project manager. I am looking for textbooks, books, websites, articles on the subject of Shipyard Management. I have plenty of books related to sailing on my license but nothing related to this field. If you all have recommendations, it would be appreciated.

Go to SNAME website and buy this worth the price for your position and background

For extra credit get this one while you’re there.

If you have specific areas you are looking to get more info give some specifics may have other recommendations. Good luck.

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Thanks for the Reply KPChief, I was leaning towards joining SNAME.

Well you’d get the member prices on books etc. but there are other benefits for someone in your position. PM me if you want.

Check out Fisher Maritime’s website. Numerous white papers on ship construction and repair contract management. I took one of their three day classes and it was excellent.

Don’t know if this would be the best use of your time but I’ve taken a few Coursera on-line courses.The quality of the courses vary but all were at least useful.

IIRC the class can be dropped without cost if you don’t like it. Was $50 a month, can stop any time without penalty

Found this one with google. Didn’t take it but might be worth a look. Likely others as well.

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