Shipwreck with a history




That’s an awesome website @ombugge ! Saved to favorites & I’m sure eventually I’ll read every page on it. Thanks for sharing.

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They got me with The Wrong Trousers.

From the story:

“Visibility was good with only a small amount of patchy fog. The officer on watch had everything under control until he attempted to stand up. The officer had been sitting in a chair rose up and had his trousers caught on the chair’s lever. Losing his balance, he fell over and knocked himself out.”

It’s too bad really. I’m sure since the loss of that ship in 2003 there’s been a ship owner somewhere who requires his bridge crew to wear those tight skinny jeans while on watch.

That’s literally incredible.


Straight outta Monty Python.

“Just Mating your Honour”
I remember reading a few years ago of a Ferry running out of Vancouver ran aground due to the Mate and 2nd Mate having a “Naughty” in the chartroom. I think they were husband and wife. The Mate apparently couldn’t wait until his wife was off watch. It would have been interesting to have been at the Court of Inquiry and hear their defence.

“I feel I need a tetanus shot just from looking at it.” -LT Marty Pascal