Ships Warned to Avoid Red Sea After Airstrikes

BIMCO, another big trade group, confirmed that military advice was to avoid the area of hostility — effectively shutting off the southern Red Sea for transit.

“Should the situation escalate, all ships must be expected to avoid the Red Sea until safe passage is restored and effectively close the Suez Canal for all ships” except for vessels that aren’t going all the way through the Red Sea, said Niels Rasmussen, BIMCO’s chief shipping analyst.

The US is on the wrong side of history on this one.
There is a clear genocide happening….

When you look at the facts it becomes hard to support the Israeli cause.

A large portion of the US Merchant Marine is Yemenis American Muslims or Catholics (Filipino/
Hondurans/ New England Irish/ Italian Catholics, etc). If the US starts shipping military equipment directly to Israel I know people will walk off the ships rather than be associated aiding a genocide.

Explosion reported near vessel east of Yemen’s Aden: UKMTO (

And rightly so.

Another UK ship hit
UK-registered cargo ship attacked by Yemen’s Houthi rebels ‘at risk of sinking’ (

Ukrainians use surface drones but others are learning fast and it seems are ready to deploy underwater gadgets. Not "if " seems to be a valid question but “when” such toys will be used .

Have all politicians missed the classes with below curriculum ?? Beats me.

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Houthi Militants Deploy a Drone Sub for the First Time (

Follow upre drone sub above
‘Imminent Threat’: U.S. Destroys Houthis’ First Underwater Vessel That Threatened Navy and Merchant Ships in Red Sea (

I have to wonder whether someone is going to end up paying the Houthis off (more money and weapons than Iran is giving them) to allow shipping to transit the Red Sea?

If you mean the Chinese, they have a different perspective: