Shipping News revived

Sanctions against Russia change the shipping pattern from the Russian Arctic:

Cutting down on ballast voyages to reduce GHG emission make sense in these CII days:

About KCC:

Tanker market is booming, finally:

Which means good opportunity to get rid of old tonnage:

When the tanker market turn it will be good times for breakers.
COSCO will be left with a modern fleet of tankers that meet IMO’s present and near future rules.

The big question is:

Nothing (good) last forever in shipping:

Anglo Eastern grow to 700 ships:

What, only ONE TEA each for the delegates???
Being in Mumbai they could at least have splurged on a pint of Black Label Beer each:

Teekay takes advantage of the tanker market boom to buy back ships:

Chinese shipping is shivering in fear!!


The giants are coming:

Good times for sellers of old VLCCs:

Here is why:

PS> Worth noting that EU has no sanctions on shipping to/from Iran, or Venezuela.

This may not be a subject that interest most seafarers, but it may affect them without them having any influence on, or knowledge of, what is happening in the world of money:

One paragraph caught my attention:

If you wonder what “pelf” means:
pelf; noun, ARCHAIC

  1. money, especially when gained in a dishonest or dishonourable way.
    “damnation dog thee and thy wretched pelf!”

Cosco Shipping Specialized Carriers invest in 30 vessels:

Maybe this is going to be a new megatrend?:

Not everybody are as optimistic: