Shipboard lockdowns

What’s going on at your company with Covid lockdowns? Are you allowed to leave the vessel at all to get groceries, or smokes or just take a walk…? We are still locked down and forbidden from leaving the boat. Wondering if the tide has shifted or if everyone is still frozen in place.

What Country and Company?

I was asking to find out what was going on at YOUR company… as in: a general question as to the state of Covid lockdowns where YOU work.

And I asked what company and country still has YOU locked down.


A tug company in the USA. After talking to a couple buddies at other tug companies in the USA, it seems they are locked down, as well.

That is a bit strange, and would probably be company policy, and not state or local laws.

Why are people so afraid of naming companies? Call them out for their nonsense.


Yes. Agreed. It is 100 percent company policy.

So, to address your original question. Company vs Country/Local Laws is case dependent. I have seafarers all across the world that have different rules in each country/port and different rules company to company. The workforce at your company, needs to address management, especially because of all local restrictions fading away.

I know we’ve seen a major decrease of positives at the heliport screening, but several crewmembers from the mid-west have reported being sick with COVID and could not report. No lockdowns, but we have isolated crew members on board for an average of 5 days between testing positive and being cleared, with few exceptions - monitored by a medic.

Groceries: They’re delivered
Smokes: Crew bring enough with them
Walk: Go to the gym

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#offshoredrillingproblems don’t really care :rofl:

Thanks Anchorman. Appreciate that response.

Yeah, you’re locked down 28 days anyhow, but you can Amazon exotic whole bean coffee if you have a good dispatcher. #fbadoffshoredispatchers

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I guess Noble is treating you all decently?

When you see crew not being able to come to work because of COVID, but retain 100% pay…and things of that nature, not too bad.

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@AlanSmithee Give this to your office, and ask why they don’t consider you Key Workers.

Had more issues with the ports than the companies, they tend to allow or forbid shore leave as waves go up and down

This is an overview of governments considering seafarers essential workers. Company’s can and will make rules specific to the company.

for instance, the company I work for discourages shore leave for the crew but leaves it to the captain if he allows shore leave or not.

As I am the Master on board, I allow crew to go for a walk but make sure they understand they should not mingle and stay out of shops/bars etc.
My counterpart is a bit more nervous and does not allow crew to go onshore.

I know that. It was just a tactic to show his company, whom is an inland company, who probably doesn’t care abut any international news or standards, a possible way to open an employee to management discussion. You always need to have something to start a conversation like this, and depending on how the company reads that, it is something at the very least to ask about your value to the company.