Shipboard Firefighting Training (MSC) Question

I’ve got a question for the MSC types out there - What is the the MSC equivalent to NSTM 555 Shipboard Firefighting &/ the Repair Party Manual? I was out running drills on the West Coast on an MSC ship and there didn’t seem to be much concept of fighting the fire versus setting boundaries. Is that just a Navy thing? Or did this crew not have a clue about something that they should know? Thanks.

COMSCINST 3541.5D - MSC Damage Control Manual

Anyone with access to the SMS or MSC portal should be able to access that. I’d say setting boundaries, then making entry (done by two separate teams) is pretty standard within MSC. Can’t say for sure why that wouldn’t translate well without more details.

Thanks. I’ve got access to the Navy side, not the MSC side. I realized I didn’t have access yesterday & the project is wrapping up. I think the issues we had were new ship/new crew type stuff. I didn’t want to recommend something that already exists.