Ship visits in Seattle for a mariner to be

A long time friend’s teenage son is interested in going to one of the academies, but he’d like to check out a ship or two first. He’ll be coming out to Seattle to visit from his home state of Colorado. I have a couple of folks that I can reach out to, but I haven’t been sailing in the last 2 years.

[U]I was wondering if there was anyone else out there that would be interested in showing him around( or maybe even putting him to work(he has a car mechanic background)) for a couple of hours?


What kind of ship? A school ship or merchant ship?

I could send you the 3 page list that I have made out that I give all new deckhands. It’s the daily and weekly duties that they are to do.

Print it out and have him clean you house for a week by following the list :wink:

If you don’t have any brite work have him polish you silver ware or car bumpers.

He’s looking to attend Cal. Maritime. I was hoping to show him around a merchant ship or workboat if possible.

The Mt Mitchell…ex NOAA docks out in Fishermans Wharf.

If he is interested he is welcome to come to CMA’s campus. I can give him a tour of the ship and give him a place to stay for a weekend. Maybe even go for a boat ride on the bay. Im currently a Senior in the MT program here at CMA. Is he currently a senior in High School? If so and he is thinking of CMA he should definitely apply as soon as possible. I’m from Tacoma, WA and may be able to help with a ship contact up there if he already has a ticket.