Ship stability

Would someone with stability knowledge please show me how to answer this problem. Many thanks“free+surface+constant”

The formula is rlb^3/(12*35).

With r = S.G. of the tank over the S.G. of the water the vessel is floating in, so r = .962/1.026.
l = length of tank: 35 ft ,
b = breadth of tank: 30ft^3,

With a $12 Casio FX-300 ES+ you can enter the entire forumula exactly as it looks in Formulae for the Mariner or some other reference and get the answer in a few seconds.

Man thanks i was dividing with displacement and 420.

I see.

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Perhaps I am missing something here. My outcome of the formula of 2024 is not among a) - d)… :mask: